Summer Camp

Are YOU Ready for Summer Camp 2018?

Summer Camp 2017 finished up mid-July, but we’re already gearing up for Summer Camp 2018! The excitement you all brought to camp fed our enthusiasm, and we are happy to release preliminary information for 2018.  Check out the Forms & Information page and Schedule page.  All information is subject to change, but we are ready to provide you with the basics so you can begin planning your summer camp experience.

First and foremost, THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, be it those who aided our staff with busy class sessions or leaders who brought the HUNDREDS of Scouts to camp this summer. Without you, this summer would not have seen the success it did. We hope to see you next year!

Link to Sagamore Council’s CAMPMASTER Web page:

 Want to be on STAFF at Camp Buffalo?

The 2018 Summer Camp Staff Application is now available! If you or someone you know would be interested in working at Camp Buffalo this summer, click here for the 2018 Camp Staff Application. Or, you can find it on the “Forms & Information” page.

2018 Campsite Reservations

Campsite Week 1           June 10-16 Week 2           June 17-23 Week 3         June 24-30 Week 4           July 1-7
Acorn  Troop 577 Troop 130 AWAC
Bison Troop 527 Troop 506 Troop 730
Chipmunk Troop 440 Rainbow Troop 530 Troop 301 Troop 58      Crossroads
Hickory Troop 989       LaSalle Troop 123 Crossroads
Ivey Troop 155 Troop 185         Pathway Troop 149
Oaks Troop 44 Rainbow Troop 51 Pathway Troop 528
Pines Troop 200 Troop 167
Raincrow Troop 581 Troop 157 Sagamore Troop 335
Raven Troop 372 Troop 700
Red Pines Troop 303 Troop 157 Crossroads Troop 454 Troop 219
Ridgeview Troop 568 Troop 777 Troop 429
Shadysides Troop 272 Prairielands Troop 433 Troop 204      Pathway
Sioux Troop 1108 Water & Woods
Whispering Pines Troop 427 Troop 2 & Troop 501 Troop 401 & Troop 566
Wilderness         (Miami) Troop 158 Troop 42 Pathway

Campsite reservations as of 2/20/2018