Multi-Purpose Building

The most recently completed project at Camp Buffalo is our new Multi-Purpose Building. The primary function of this building is to serve as the Health Lodge during the summer camp season. However, it has much to offer for off-season use as well.

The Multi-Purpose Building has a large central meeting room with three break-out rooms for smaller group discussions and presentations. A small kitchen is available to fix coffee or other refreshments for long conferences. At the west end are two bunk rooms that are planned to house 10-12 people each. There are also 6 individual bathrooms, each equipped with a shower, sink, and toilet. Two of these bathrooms are handicapped-accessible.

Front view of the building

The large meeting room, set up for a district meeting.

One of three break-out rooms.

The small kitchen, equipped with a sink, refrigerator/freezer, and microwave.

One of two bunk rooms. Each bunk room sleeps up to 10 people on bunk beds.